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안녕하십니까? 국내 유일한 축산식품관련 한국축산식품학회 2018년 회장직을 맡게된 한국식품연구원 김영붕입니다. 우선, 2017년도에 본 학회에 많은 관심을 가져준 데에 대하여 관심을 드립니다. 우리 학회는 1978년 한국식육연구회로 출범하여 1993년도에 한국축산식품학회로 창립된 이래 고기, 우유, 계란 등의 축산식품과 관련된 학술적 교류를 통해 국내 축산식품산업 및 학술분야 발전에 이바지하여 왔습니다. 학회에서 정기적으로 발간하는 학술지인 "Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources"는...

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We are proud of hosting the 50th International Conference of the Korean Society for Food Science of Animal Resources which will be held on 24th to 26th of May in 2018 at Ara conventions in Jeju Island, Korea with a theme of “Cultures and Ethics of Animal Originated Foods”. The conference will bring an innovative and stimulating global academic and industrial platform searching for consensus and understanding on the cultures and ethics of food products of animal origins. Especially, the researchers and scientists from more than 10 countries are invited in this international conference. Hundreds of delegates are expected to come from industry as well as academy. Please, join us and share the state of the art knowledge to make this conference greater.

Young-Boong Kim,
Korean Society for Food Science of Animal Resources

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